The first big Australian TV advertising campaign has hit the road

Posted December 10, 2019 07:37:20 A national TV ad campaign is in the works for the 2017-18 season, aimed at boosting the popularity of a popular national holiday in Australia.

The Advertisers Association (AAS) is launching the campaign, which is a partnership between the ABC, A&T, Adele, Adequan and The Salvation Army, with the theme “Christmas is Here”.

Advertisers have a long history of using national holidays to increase sales, but this is the first time they have taken advantage of the popularity to create advertising for a national holiday.

The campaign will run for the first three weeks of December, with advertisers using a range of new products to promote the event.

Advertiser Steve Crampton, CEO of the AAS, said advertising for Christmas was one of the top 10 marketing priorities for the association, and this year was the first to use the theme.

“Christmas is a great opportunity for advertising and we’re delighted to be supporting the campaign in the first year,” Mr Cramton said.

“We’re excited about this unique opportunity and looking forward to seeing what it brings to Christmas in 2018.”

Advertisors will be able to use any ad technology they like, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, to promote their products, including Christmas lights and gifts.

“With a huge global audience, our advertising campaign will reach out to the world’s most engaged audiences, including Australians of all ages and cultural backgrounds, as well as consumers from around the world,” Mr Kestelman said.

Christmas is traditionally a holiday for families and communities, but the A&amt adverts will be targeted at people in the workplace.

“Many people in business are busy and busy with their families and their work.

Christmas is a big part of their day,” Mr Ziegler said.

The Christmas advert for The Salvation Force is about the impact of the floods.

“Our volunteers will go from house to house in the heart of the flood-affected communities to provide food and shelter, but with the help of the Christmas tree, their spirits will soar,” he said.

Adele is set to return to the ABC’s national network later this year with a commercial featuring her in the lead role, alongside a Christmas carol.

“She’s such a character,” Ms Crampt said.

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