How much do advertisers pay for ads in Montgomery?

A new survey suggests that the amount advertisers pay depends a lot on the type of ad they are promoting.

The findings suggest that advertisers can charge anywhere from a quarter of a million dollars to a little more than $1 million per ad.

The survey, commissioned by Adweek, the Journal and the Institute for Advertising Research, found that advertisers pay about 1% to 2% of their ad revenue to advertise in Montgomery County, Maryland, which includes Baltimore and Washington.

It is one of the nation’s most expensive counties for advertising, according to the company’s annual survey.

The county’s total ad spending in the past three years was $1.27 billion, and its ad spend is expected to be more than double that amount this year, said David Pomerantz, president of the Adweek Media Group, which conducted the survey.

That’s the largest amount in the country for any county, according the company.

The county spends a higher percentage of its ad budget on advertising than the national average.

It is worth noting that the county is also among the top five counties in the nation in advertising spend per resident, according Adweek.

That figure, however, does not include sales of goods or services and so the total spending could be higher, Pomeranz said.

Advertisers are also paying more to advertise here than they are elsewhere.

In the past year, the average price paid for a single ad was $10,074 in Montgomery, which ranks seventh among the nation.

The average price for a full-page ad was about $13,500.

Advertising costs are higher in Baltimore County than in Montgomery.

A full-day ad can run from $15,000 to $20,000, while a half-day is about $12,000.

Advertisers pay for about 80% of a full day’s advertising cost, according Pomerinson.

He said that Marylanders pay more for advertising in Baltimore than in any other county.

The study also found that Montgomery spends less on ad space than other cities, especially for smaller companies.

The study found that companies in Montgomery have an average advertising budget of $5,746, while those in the neighboring cities of Baltimore and Montgomery have budgets of $6,619 and $8,742, respectively.

For the most part, Montgomery spends more on advertising in Montgomery than other counties, and this year has spent more on ad spending than other Maryland cities.

In 2014, Montgomery spent about $10 million more than the next most expensive county, Montgomery County in the state of Virginia.

But Montgomery is also spending less than the other counties in Maryland, the survey found.

The poll also found significant differences in the advertising spending levels of the three counties in Montgomery and elsewhere in the U.S. In Montgomery, the majority of ad spending was spent on a handful of brands, like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

The company has about 8% of the overall advertising market in Montgomery in the United States, according a 2016 report from Kantar Media.

In Montgomery, there is more than a two-fold difference in the size of the companies’ ad budgets compared to the other companies, and the average size of an ad spend was about 6% of revenue.

That is about the same as other counties across the country, according Kantar.

The difference is particularly striking in the ad market for restaurants.

Montgomery has more restaurants, and fewer than half of the restaurants spend more than 5% of revenues on advertising, compared to about two-thirds in the rest of the state, according The New York Times.

Montgomery is the third-largest market for small businesses, according data from Kantara.

Ads for Montgomery’s restaurants include restaurants like Denny’s and Chick-Fil-A.

The two chain restaurants were among the biggest advertisers in Montgomery when the survey was conducted.

In Maryland, advertisers spend about 8.6% of ad revenues on the restaurants, compared with 3.4% in the other four states.

In New Jersey, the figure is 7.3%.

The ad spending differences in Montgomery are not limited to restaurants.

There are also more than 300,000 miles of commercial street in Montgomery that have a total of 5,000 or more advertisements, according Topps Inc., a research firm.

That means there are roughly 25,000 ads in the city, or roughly one advertisement for every 3.8 miles of road.

Pomerantz said Montgomery has been in the national spotlight over the past few years for its advertising practices.

He noted that the state recently passed a bill that allows people to bring their own medical devices to work.

That legislation was backed by the National Labor Relations Board, which is currently considering a lawsuit against Montgomery’s labor department.

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