Why Donald Trump’s ‘racist’ comments hurt women

The election was one of the first in which Donald Trump made a bigoted comment about the gender of an African-American woman, and his comments about her are the subject of an intense debate about racism and sexism.

But the candidate’s past comments have also caused some to question the validity of his rhetoric and the impact of his campaign on women.

The most prominent example is a 2005 interview with Playboy magazine in which Trump said that African-Americans should be “put in a cage” because they are “animals.”

That was during a heated discussion about the death penalty, and it prompted the National Coalition for Men to organize a boycott of the magazine.

The Republican presidential nominee also said in the same interview that women should be kept in the home to prevent them from “trying to do something bad with the baby.”

“The reason why they’re being held is because they’re not trying to do anything bad with it,” Trump said.

“They’re not the animals.

They’re not.

And they shouldn’t be.”

He also said women should not have abortions and called them “cheap sex.”

The comments prompted a backlash from women who accused Trump of perpetuating sexist stereotypes about women and a backlash against Trump from women across the country.

Trump has denied making those comments.

But a new analysis of his past comments reveals that he was actually just echoing what he has said in other statements.

In fact, the data suggest that his statements on women’s rights and race may be more reflective of his actual views than his past rhetoric.

The analysis was done by Princeton University political scientist and professor Michael Kimmelman and his colleagues, and they conducted a systematic review of his remarks and their association with the use of the term “white supremacist.”

The authors used data from a wide variety of online forums and news outlets, including his campaign website, as well as news stories, to analyze the frequency of his use of “white supremacy.”

For instance, the Trump campaign used the word “white” more than a dozen times in a survey of the more than 50 million people who viewed the Trump Campaign website.

The term was used 18 times more frequently in a news article about him than in a story about his actual policies.

The study also found that Trump’s use of that term was more likely when he was attacking “the media” and “political correctness.”

In contrast, the term was much less likely when referring to African- Americans.

In the most recent poll, a Washington Post/ABC News poll, Trump was rated as the most racist presidential candidate ever by 46 percent of Republicans.

But his use was found to be much less common among Democrats and independents, who gave him a measly 14 percent approval rating.

“The use of white supremacy by Trump is likely due to the fact that the Trump candidacy has become a major media and political issue for the Democratic Party,” Kimmelman said.

“In the past, it was the Democrats who have tried to paint Trump as a racist and as a white supremacist, which was a strategy that worked against him.”

He added, “I don’t think it’s that he is a racist.

I think it was just a reflection of his attitude and his rhetoric that people find so abhorrent.”

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