Why are people so happy about ads on Facebook?

When you click on an ad, you’re essentially buying a piece of the company’s business.

The ad is an opportunity to show off your company, its products, or to show your friends and family who you are.

And because advertising is a business, the ad can be very lucrative.

For some advertisers, it’s even a way to earn money.

But other ads are not as easy to come by.

Some companies have gone so far as to advertise in places where there is already a lot of social interaction.

In the case of Facebook, those ads are also quite popular.

In a survey conducted by the Advertising Research Group, 60% of people said they view at least one advertisement on Facebook per day, which is almost three times the rate of other social networks.

The reason?

Advertising on Facebook is so lucrative that companies like Amazon and Twitter have been willing to pay for the right to show ads on their platforms.

Advertising on Instagram has also become popular.

It has become such a popular channel for social networking that brands like Nike, Gap, and Walmart have been offering ads to its users.

But in the case the ads don’t seem to be doing much, people are less likely to be interested in the ads.

That may be because many people don’t see the value in advertising.

They are more likely to spend their time on other things like reading, exercising, or shopping, and advertisers don’t have much to offer them.

So, advertisers have been increasingly turning to Facebook ads as a way of boosting engagement.

“People have been watching Facebook for a while, but there is nothing new there,” said Adam Weiland, director of marketing at advertising agency KPMG.

“It’s very similar to what you’d see with Twitter.

People watch Twitter for fun and they don’t actually think about social media, but they’re interested in it.”

There are some things about Facebook that make it a less compelling way to advertise than other social media channels.

Facebook is an inherently public platform that allows people to post photos and other content and that makes it easier to get a hold of people who might be interested.

For example, a photo posted on Facebook can be seen by millions of people worldwide.

And people tend to post their photos more often, so the content is more readily accessible.

That means there are more people on Facebook than in other social platforms, which means more opportunities to target your ads.

But social media also has its own challenges, including how it works.

Facebook users aren’t all users, meaning that advertisers aren’t necessarily targeting their ads to the people who have the most followers.

That makes it difficult to gauge how well ads are doing and which users are actually paying attention to them.

“There are lots of ways you can go about using social media to increase your revenue,” Weiland said.

“But I would advise against it unless you can really prove you have the right people.”

And in this case, we have yet to see evidence that Facebook ads are working out so well for Facebook.

Facebook says it is working on ways to improve its ads, including improving the way it tracks which users have seen a particular ad.

And if you look at the data, you’ll see that Facebook has also made some adjustments to the way people can see ads on its platform.

“Facebook is a great platform to make a lot more money because the ads are so easy to find,” Weisland said.

However, as of this week, Facebook has yet to disclose how many people have paid for ads on the platform.

As the market becomes more crowded and more people want to use social media more, there is a lot less competition for advertising dollars.

If you’re a Facebook user and have no intention of buying an ad from Facebook, you can still find some of the most lucrative ways to increase engagement.

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