Which ads really are worth buying?

A new ad campaign for AT&T’s new wireless smartphone has come under fire from consumers who say it promotes excessive data use.

The ad campaign by the telecommunications giant has drawn criticism from consumers, and a new ad by AT&t’s advertising agency has been flagged by consumer advocacy group consumer advocacy organization Consumer Watchdog.

In the ad, a voiceover explains that AT&ts new smartphone, the Xios, is a device that can help people with low bandwidth issues.

The voiceover also explains that the smartphone offers “more data per month, lower prices and a better customer experience.”

In fact, the ad claims the Xio is the fastest phone AT&s has ever made, and that the phone’s high capacity is what enables the company to offer its smartphone at lower prices than its rivals.

Consumer Watchdogs spokesperson Rachelle Pincus said that while consumers would probably disagree with AT&Ts claim that its phones are the fastest phones on the market, she is surprised that the agency has taken the time to highlight the ad’s claims.

“The claim that the Xiaos is the best smartphone is ridiculous,” Pincum said.

“In fact, it’s downright offensive.”

Consumer Watchdawg has also raised concerns that the ad promotes a type of excessive data usage that AT &ts phones are supposed to help with.

The group says that AT is promoting excessive data, and it has written AT&ters own customer service reps about this.

“The ad has also been flagged as misleading by consumer advocates, and the company has responded to the group’s concerns, saying the ads are not representative of its mobile network,” Pindell said.

AT&tts mobile network is the same one that AT has for its iPhone.

“AT&tt is now using the Xiacos as a marketing gimmick to boost its own network capacity, and to claim that it can help consumers in the same way it helped Apple to build a massive iPhone network,” she said.

Consumers have also questioned the ad campaign’s claim that AT’s phones can support more than 300 megabytes of data per day, which Pincu says is not true.

Pincums claims that the ads show a device with a capacity of 300 megabits per second, and while the device can support that amount of data, that capacity is only available in the United States.

Pindells claims that AT claims that its devices can handle data usage of 300 gigabytes per day.

“If the Xiios were marketed as the fastest smartphone available, and AT&nt claimed that it could support that much data, consumers would not be purchasing the device,” Piscum said, adding that she believes consumers would still want a device for its capacity.

The agency has not responded to our request for comment on these issues.

AT &tts phone is not the fastest device available to consumers.

The Xios is the second fastest smartphone in the world, behind Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Consumer groups have also been critical of the ad agency for the ad.

“As consumers increasingly demand faster speeds, consumers should not be asked to pay more for a device when the carrier offers one that can provide a lower-priced device,” Consumer WatchDog said in a statement.

“These misleading claims by AT &t undermine consumer confidence in AT&tns network and consumer choice, which is critical for a healthy economy.”

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