How to install and use a new ‘smart’ camera app for your iPhone or iPad

The Apple iPhone and iPad mini are here to stay, and it seems like they’re just getting better and better.

With the release of Apple Watch, a new smart camera app is now available on both devices, and that app, aptly titled “Smart Camera”, allows users to easily use their phone or tablet as a smart camera, capturing video with a wide range of settings.

In the new “Smart” camera app, users can set the focal length, lens speed, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and exposure compensation, among other settings.

The app is also a lot more useful in general, with settings for exposure, composition, white balance, HDR mode, and even an auto focus mode.

The “SmartCamera” app on the iPhone, as seen on the left, and the “Smartphone Camera” app in the right.

The latter is a feature found on both iPhones, but only the iPhone has it.

The iPhone is also the only one of the four smartphones to offer an “Auto Focus” mode, which lets you focus in any direction with the iPhone’s optical image stabilization (OIS).

However, Apple Watch doesn’t offer this functionality, and only the watchOS 3 smartwatch does.

While you can’t use the camera app on your iPhone to capture video, you can still take photos using the camera.

The best part of the new Smart Camera app is that it’s very easy to set up.

All you need to do is choose the settings you want and click “Ok.”

Once you’re happy with the settings, you’ll be able to save the image and save it to your camera roll.

If you need help, here’s a quick video tutorial.

For a more complete list of new features, check out the full iOS 11 release notes, or the Apple Watch release notes.

The new Smart camera app.

 There’s also a few new options for the “Advanced Camera Settings” option.

While there’s still no HDR mode or Auto Focus mode, there’s also no auto-exposure mode either, which is a big deal.

For the most part, the new camera app allows users the option to use the device as a camera with various shooting modes, but there are some exceptions.

The camera app will automatically set the aperture, shutter time, and ISO if the aperture and shutter time are set to zero, and you can set exposure compensation to zero.

It will also automatically set focus in all directions with a fixed focus point.

The focus can be manually adjusted, but that’s about it.

Users can also adjust the white balance and HDR mode by tapping on the “White Balance” option, and “HDR” can be adjusted by tapping the “Hdr” option at the bottom of the screen.

Lastly, users have the option of using the iPhone as a remote for taking video and video recording.

If the “Camera” and “Remote” settings are set as default, users will be able control the camera remotely.

But if the camera is set as an on-device camera, then it will only be able do video recording, and there’s no option for recording video in front of the device.

This means users will have to set the camera as a “remote” camera and use it in a similar way as an “on-device” camera.

For now, the iPhone is the only device with the new iOS 11 Smart Camera feature.

Users on other iPhones will still need to set their camera to use as a phone, or set it as a wireless remote.

The company is working on adding support for more devices, but right now the “smart camera” feature is exclusive to the iPhone.

Apple Watch owners will have the ability to use “Smart Video” for video recording on the watch as well.

While the iPhone and the Watch both have the new Apple Watch app, the watch is still the only Apple Watch device to have the Smart Camera on the screen instead of the lock screen.

The smart camera on the Watch is not quite as customizable, as it doesn’t have a built-in camera, and doesn’t support HDR.

The Smart Camera in action.

In a release note, Apple said the new smart video feature would be coming to the watch’s upcoming version of OS X, due to be released “later this year.”

That’s no surprise, as the company has been working on the smart camera feature for years.

As far as features go, the Smart camera is probably the best feature of the watch, with its wide range and ease of use.

The video features are also really neat.

You can take photos, then capture video with the watch.

The ability to record video in the background while you’re taking photos is also useful, as there’s not a ton of space for the camera in your pocket.

Apple Watch owners also get a new “Camera Assistant” feature, which will automatically take video calls

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