When the media says you’re dead, you’re probably still alive

The most memorable thing about being a footballer in 2016 is when you were still alive.

It was the moment when the media realised that, in the same way that it might have done in the 1990s, they could now claim you were dead.

So it was with a certain sadness when, for a while, you could only see a small slice of the football landscape and you were often alone in it.

The FA Cup final and the FA Cup semi-final were the only other events where you were allowed to watch the matches live.

But even then, it was not a completely solitary experience.

I remember sitting on a plane at the airport, waiting for a flight to London to arrive.

When I saw a picture of the plane, I had to turn to look at the screen because I couldnt get my head around the fact that there was a journalist sitting on my shoulder.

There was also a picture that showed me a photo of a young man, probably from the same era, holding a football that had a red banner on it.

And I was like: ‘What is this?’

The photo was taken in 1991 and the shirt that he was wearing had a big yellow ‘I’ on it, which was a tribute to the FA badge.

It wasn’t until I went to the London Olympics, in 1992, that I finally got the chance to see the games.

I was on the bench when England won the bronze medal and I was watching from a distance when the English players came on to the pitch.

I got a little nervous because I had never seen anyone get on the pitch that fast and the English were so fast.

It wasn’t like it was the most exciting time of the year for football fans.

But it was a time when it was possible to be entertained by the game.

And at that moment, football had come a long way.

By the time the FA Champions League final arrived in 1993, the media was starting to realise that the FA had become a much bigger, more lucrative entity and they were starting to be more willing to write about it.

But the FA itself was not ready to be taken seriously.

It had become such a huge part of the national psyche that it was hard to see what else they could do for their business.

So in 1994, the FA took a decision that it could not live up to its name, but at the same time it was clear that the fans needed something different to be excited about.

They had started to get some interest from major television companies and, while the FA tried to keep the focus on football, there was also the need to make sure that they were getting the best product on television.

So the FA created a series of new TV channels, including English Premier League, English Championship and English Championship Live.

At the start, they did not have the commercial clout of the other English clubs and, although the Premier League Live channel was not always successful, it did manage to attract some viewers.

They also began to gain a bit of international recognition.

In 1998, the Premier league started to gain some international success, and that helped them to get more and more fans watching.

They became a global brand and, thanks to that, the world got to see football more.

The next thing you know, they have become a world-class brand and the whole world wants to be a part of it.

So they had to make a few changes.

They introduced a new logo, a new colour scheme and, of course, a completely new look.

They wanted to keep their image as the club that is going to win everything and, as soon as they got the Champions League, they changed their name.

There was a certain amount of scepticism among fans.

I remember being at a bar in Manchester one night, watching a match between Manchester United and Arsenal.

The fans were getting very emotional, but I could see that it didn’t feel like a normal football match, it felt like a fight.

You could hear them crying out in pain.

They thought that the fight was happening between the clubs, and they couldnt believe it.

It just seemed that the whole country was against the football clubs.

They were very angry and very disappointed.

They knew that the Premier and the Champions were going to go through.

It seemed like something that could be avoided.

But in the end, they had an opportunity to win it all and they did.

And then they got an international team to join the Premier.

This was a moment that was very important to the club and they knew that, at the end of the day, they would win the Premier as well.

When they went to Europe, they decided to change the name of the club.

The first thing they did was to change it from Manchester United to Liverpool, because that was what the fans wanted to see.

And then, when the FA came to them and said: ‘If you want to change your name

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