How to tell if your ad is an advert

It is hard to tell a truth in advertising campaign from a campaign for an alternative health brand, but that is exactly what MTV News’ Mark Higgs and Ben Millington are doing.

They are calling for an inquiry into how an advertising campaign on a TV station in the US, for which a disclaimer is posted, appears to have been misrepresented as an advertisement for a health supplement.

The ads, which have been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube, have been widely shared across the US.

The disclaimer was also posted on a Facebook page for the station, where it was labelled “Truth in Advertising”.

The station’s public relations manager, Brian Lohman, said the ad was “not an advertisement in any way”, adding that the station was not promoting the products in question.

“We are trying to make sure that consumers understand what the truth is about the product, so we do a lot of research,” he said.

But the disclaimer was widely shared on Facebook and YouTube, and was taken to Twitter and Reddit.

“Truth and balance, as well as our ethics and ethics policy, do not allow us to endorse products, companies or individuals,” said a statement from the station.

The station did not respond to requests for comment from MTV News.

“As a result, the station is taking the matter seriously,” said Lohmann.

The company, which was founded in 2009 by Lohmans sister, Tami, is part of the family that owns MTV Networks.

“I’m really worried about this.

The fact that they’re using misleading language, it just doesn’t add up,” said Milling, a professor of advertising at the University of Pennsylvania.

“You can make a whole bunch of assumptions about a company and say, ‘Well, it’s an advertiser’, and it’s not.”

Loh-mans sister Tami Loh, pictured above, is also the owner of the station that aired the disclaimer.

But she said the station had been in the business for 10 years and had no interest in endorsing a health product.

“It’s not something we’ve done for a long time, and it just comes across as that sort of weird thing,” she said.

“But we just want to make a point.”

The disclaimer says the product is the “Pure Vitamin D3”.

The website for the American Cancer Society’s website claims the vitamin is the first natural anti-cancer vitamin.

The American Cancer Association says it has found evidence that vitamin D3 is helpful for the treatment of certain cancers.

The label on the product says the supplement has been tested on mice and found to be effective in reducing the risk of lung cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer and melanoma.

But there is no evidence that the vitamin has been proven to prevent or cure any cancer.

“The Vitamin D-3 supplement is not safe for humans,” the disclaimer says.

“No matter what supplement you take, there’s no way to know if it will protect you from cancer.”

“The supplement is intended to treat vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to sun damage, vitamin D deficiencies in children, and other health problems.”

The label also claims that the supplement “may be used for topical use only, to treat conditions that are associated with excess sun exposure, such as skin damage and blemishes, and is not intended for any other purpose.”

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the national trade association for naturopathic doctors, says there is little research to suggest the supplement will help patients with skin cancer or other conditions.

“A number of studies have shown that Vitamin D supplementation has no beneficial effect in preventing skin cancer,” it says.

The group also says the “Vitamin D3 supplement contains less than a tenth of the amount of vitamin D found in the real vitamin D powder.”

It says the ingredient list on the label is misleading, and “there is no proven efficacy in humans for the Vitamin D supplement.”

The supplement has a small amount of water in it, so there is a risk that it could be diluted or removed from the formulation.

“If you are using a Vitamin D supplements for topical application, we encourage you to follow the instructions for proper use and dilution,” the association says.

There is no link to a website on the American Academy of Naturomental Medicine, which says “Vitamins A and D are important in the prevention and treatment of many diseases.”

Milling says the disclaimer should be taken seriously.

“They’re selling this vitamin in a way that is misleading to consumers,” he told MTV News on Wednesday.

“There’s no proof that this is really what they’re trying to sell.”

MTV News is currently working on a documentary series about the American health supplement industry called, Truth in Advertising, which will be broadcast on the channel this week.

“So far we have interviewed many people who have used the Vitamin C supplement, which is a good thing because

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