The Best and Worst Magazines for Reddit Advertising

Reddit, the most popular and most-viewed website on the internet, has been accused of running a fake news website called “Puffery” and of paying publishers to publish fake stories.

In February, a Reddit user posted the content of a post made by a user named “Borzolus,” which featured a link to a story that purported to be “a new study that claims Reddit is running a paid campaign to discredit the US election results.”

The link leads to a website called Puffery.

Pufferies claims to be a “community news site” and has a “subscriber-driven approach” that is “in keeping with the principles of Pufferies” as well as the “community ethos.”

But according to Puffries “owning history” and its “unique ability to drive engagement and sales” it “runs a fake Reddit advertising campaign that has paid content posted by paid trolls, fake news sites, and fake media.”

The user, who identified himself as a “salesman for reddit,” told Vice News he was “advised” by a Reddit employee to “report this as a Puffypower scam” and to report any “false advertising” and “untruthful content” on Reddit.

The Reddit employee told VICE News the company’s automated system, which “automatically checks to see if content is in violation of our community guidelines and policies,” is not “blindly following” the rules of Puffer.

In fact, the employee said that the company had no idea that Puffer was a fake company until the user made the report.

Puffer is “the most widely-used Puffering product in the subreddit’s history,” the employee told Vice.

“In fact, we have used Puffer for hundreds of thousands of hours of content.”

The Reddit employee added that the user had made a number of Puffs to promote his own business, but had been warned that he had violated the company policy by the Reddit employee.

“We had no way to know that Puffers content was fraudulent before we saw it on Reddit,” the Reddit user said.

“And we were warned that Puffs were not necessarily paid.”

“We are in the process of shutting down Puffer to stop it from spreading any more false advertising,” the user added.

“I was warned multiple times about this site and was told that if I reported it, it would be shut down,” the Redditor added.

“But now that it has been reported, we are shutting down it to stop Puffer from spreading false advertising.”

Puffries founder, Mark Kern, told Vice that he contacted Reddit’s “community” team and told them the company was “a scam.”

“I’ve been in the industry for nearly 10 years, and I know how it feels to be targeted by a scammer who wants to ruin your reputation and hurt your business,” Kern said.

Kern explained that PUFFERS has been in business for 10 years and has paid “a lot of people to run Puffing” ads in Reddit.

“The money I make is not from Puff, it’s from PUFF’s advertisers,” Kern explained.

“These ads are all paid by Reddit, which has no say in them,” Kern added.

Kirk told VICE that he did not know how many Reddit users Puffer had paid to run fake Puffer ads, but said it was “over $500,000.”

Kern said he believed that the “advertisements were fake and we’re in violation” of Reddit’s advertising policy, but was unaware of any official action taken by Reddit.

He added that PUP is a fake Puffer company that has been operating on Reddit for “years.”

The Reddit representative said that PPU is “working to take down Puff and other Puffer websites.”

Puffer has a history of false advertising, Kern added, noting that it published a fake article in 2012 that said Reddit was “actively suppressing the news of mass shootings in America.”

Kirk said that he has no “interest in money” from Puffer and that he would not be able to pay the fake money if Puffer is shut down.

“I’m not going to make money from PUP, but I’ll make money if we shut it down,” Kern told VICE.

“It’s just not going anywhere.”

Kinder also confirmed that PUSERS was not a paid “sponsor,” and that POUNDS “sponsored” the post.PUP also has a long history of running fake ads on Reddit, Kern told Vice, and has been a “scammer for years.”

“I have a lot of experience in Reddit advertising,” Kern, who is now CEO of PPU, told VICE in a video interview.

“So I’ve done ads that were actually paid by Puff.”

“These are all Puff’s ads that we paid people to post, and the ad was paid

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