‘Feminist’ ads: How a sexist ad campaign helped push the internet into the 21st century

A new study has shown how an ad campaign from a UK advertising firm led to an internet revolution in the 1970s.

The researchers found that a campaign targeting women’s underwear led to a dramatic increase in women’s sexual activity.

This is the first study to directly link sexual activity to an advertisement.

The study was published in the journal Sexual Behavior.

“This is a huge piece of research,” said study author and University of Pennsylvania professor of psychology Amy Schwartz.

“It’s very unusual, it’s quite unprecedented, and it’s a major milestone in the history of advertising and advertising psychology.”

The study is a follow up to the earlier study, which found that women were more attracted to a product advertised in the same fashion as their underwear.

In the 1970’s, advertisements for women’s clothing often featured women in a sexy, sexual manner.

“We found that the ads that promoted a woman’s sexual behavior were perceived as less sexy and less sexual, and that the women who were more sexually attracted to them were more likely to say that they were satisfied with their clothes,” said Schwartz.

The ads were seen as sexual in nature and women who liked them reported less sexual desire in their daily lives.

“Women were more attuned to the ads, and they were more inclined to say ‘I do like that,’ ” Schwartz said.

“In the future, it will be interesting to see how women’s sexuality and sexual orientation have evolved as we move into the 20th century.

We are already seeing evidence of this.”

A study published in 2013 found that sexual behaviour and attitudes have become more sexually active, while physical appearance has become less attractive.

It was also found that advertisements for sexual products and clothing lead to more women spending money on them.

The new study, led by Schwartz, also shows that women who spend more money on their underwear are more likely than those who don’t to report having sexual intercourse.

The research team also found advertisements promoting sexual products lead to an increase in men having sex.

Women who are more sexually aroused are more apt to engage in sexual activity, even if they are not sexually active themselves.

“It turns out that men are more inclined than women to say they are aroused by a sexual product or a sexual act, but not necessarily because they are actually sexually aroused,” said Schwab.

“If you’re more sexually excited by something, it means you’re sexually aroused by it, but it’s not necessarily that it’s something you’re actually sexually attracted or aroused by.”

The researchers say the research shows that the rise in sexual behaviour is not limited to sexual activity itself.

Women are also more likely in the workplace to report experiencing a higher sexual arousal than their male colleagues.

“One of the things we know is that women are sexually attracted by the products that are associated with their company, and in the process, they are more attracted,” Schwartz said, adding that the research is just the beginning of more research to uncover more about sexual arousal.

Schwab hopes her research will lead to a future where women are more able to explore their sexuality, as well as more educated about how they should act in order to be sexually aroused.

“The next step is to find out what other sexual behaviours women have and how they act in that space,” she said.

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