Why does this advertisement work?

Advertisers are often looking for things to advertise, and the first thing advertisers usually look for is something that they know is relevant.

That’s why it’s so easy to spot.

But this time around, it’s more than just a random ad that’s been slapped onto a banner ad.

It’s a new type of ad, one that’s tailored to the person that is viewing the advertisement.

These ads are designed to target specific groups of people and their interests, rather than just people looking to buy things or access social media.

In the case of this ad, this is how the ad looks.

The ads are created using Google’s ad technology, which allows advertisers to target a range of ads in a range, from ads to pop-up ads to sponsored posts.

The goal is to target people who are already paying attention to the brands that they’re buying from, but also to target new people, and people who may be interested in a particular brand, but not the brands themselves.

The ad is made with ads that are optimized for people who have a similar interest to the brand’s target audience.

The ads are also tailored to what’s most relevant to the user’s interest, such as the brand name, brand color, product name, and location.

It’s worth pointing out that Google’s AdWords platform is also used to target ads.

Google’s system can target ads based on the type of user who is viewing ads.

So the type and frequency of ads targeted at specific users is also important.

For example, you could target ads to people who spend a lot of time looking at and interacting with news articles and video, and are more likely to come back to the site later on.

Google also provides users with an opt-in system to limit the types of ads that can be shown on the site.

If you’re interested in how Google uses the technology to target the ads, check out Google’s How to Get AdWords for Android guide to get an idea of what the system is capable of.

Here’s how it works:A brand has a set of advertisers who are willing to pay to advertise with their company.

These advertisers then target the users that are more interested in buying something, or looking for more information about the brand, or if the advertiser is looking for someone to help them advertise with.

They can target different audiences, such a a those who are interested in the brand but not interested in purchasing anything.

Google says that its ad targeting technology is not used to advertise directly to people.

The goal is for the advertisers to create a product or service that’s more relevant to them, which means targeting a specific group of people, rather, to target users who are more familiar with the brand and more likely, for the ads to be more relevant.

Google has also created a set number of ads to help advertisers understand how users are engaging with the company, and they’ve also provided a tool to help users make informed choices about which ads to display.

If your business is interested in making use of Google AdWords, you can read more about how it all works here.

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