Who is in charge of the federal budget?

The federal government has made its first big push into the next fiscal year by announcing a new round of tax cuts.

The $6.6 trillion spending plan, which is expected to take effect in April, is aimed at helping boost the economy.

But the plan also includes a number of provisions aimed at boosting the stock market, which has already suffered a sharp drop this year.

It includes $1.6 billion in corporate tax cuts and $1 billion for a tax credit to help small businesses that hire their first employees.

That could be a big boost for companies that have been hit hard by the recession.

The cuts also include a proposal to reduce the corporate tax rate to 20 percent from 35 percent.

The plan would allow companies to deduct more from their tax bills, potentially making them more competitive in the long term.

The president has said that lowering the tax rate will encourage more companies to hire.

Other proposals include $3.8 billion in job training, $2.8 million for a credit for small businesses to help with training, and $2 billion in tax credits for workers who have paid their fair share of taxes for years.

President Donald Trump speaks at the White House on Dec. 1.

The Republican-led Congress passed the tax cuts in the final days of its 2017 session.

But House Speaker Paul Ryan said the spending plan could delay the tax cut by a year or two.

Congressional Republicans also have been pushing for new spending to help ease the effects of the pandemic.

The House passed a $1 trillion package of spending bills on Tuesday, but the measure faces an uncertain fate in the Senate.

Senate Democrats have proposed their own plan to shore up the economy in the short term, but they are expected to face fierce opposition from Republicans and the president.

Some of the spending bills would help veterans, though they are not included in the President’s proposal.

A lot of the $6 trillion in spending will come from new taxes on companies that take advantage of the American worker, such as the tax on foreign direct investment, which was previously a loophole for corporations that used the profits from American companies to pay tax overseas.

In his budget, Trump also says that he is reducing federal borrowing costs, and he says he is cutting taxes for the middle class, who will get a tax cut of $1,000 a year.

Trump says that the economy will return to growth by 2018, but economists say he has yet to deliver on his campaign promises.

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