How to build your own ads for the new NBC News ad deal?

By Eric LeechmanOctober 11, 2018 12:02:27I recently spent a couple days at the Microsoft Surface Studio with Microsoft VP of Windows and Devices Bill Gates, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and VP of Ads Joe Belfiore.

The two talked about advertising for the upcoming NBC News NBCU project and how to integrate the Microsoft ad system.

The ad system will provide a seamless integration between NBC News, NBC News TV, and NBC News Digital.

It’s going to be one of the most important new platforms for advertisers and publishers that we have.

Microsoft has been pushing this initiative, and we’re excited about it, and I think it’s going be an amazing thing for the news ecosystem.

Bill Gates: That’s a great point.

And Joe BelFiore: The way we’re building it is to make it easy to integrate into existing media.

Microsoft’s ads are going to integrate very seamlessly with existing media, just like we have in the digital space.

They’re going to look very different from other media.

And so it’s just going to make our ad team more efficient, more agile, more effective, and a lot more efficient.

Bill: So it’s not going to feel like a new ad system?

Joe BelFIore: No, not at all.

It will be very familiar.

And it will look very similar to the existing ad systems.

So it will be just as familiar, and it will work just as seamlessly.

Bill: I think you’ll see the same ads.

Joe BelFiore: That will be exactly the same as what we do in the ad space.

Bill Gates: And how will the ads be different from the traditional ones?

Joe: They will be more interactive.

They will have a greater variety.

Bill and Joe Bel fiore: Absolutely.

And they’ll be more dynamic.

The ads will be designed to be dynamic.

They’ll be responsive, they’ll have more interactivity, and they’ll respond to changes in the news environment.

They don’t just have to be boring, they don’t have to have a specific target audience, they can have anything you want.

Bill and Joe: And you’re going into a new space, so this will be a new advertising industry.

Joe: Yeah, exactly.

And I think this will really open up the space for the entire news ecosystem to thrive.

And the way that we build and deliver the advertising for this new system is that we’re going, we’re creating a system that’s going directly to news publishers and news consumers.

That’s the way we will deliver content across all of our platforms, including the news platforms that have been the bread and butter for many years.

Bill has a very different view on that.

Joe, do you think that the news industry is going to embrace the new system?

Bill: I don’t think it will.

I think that it will just be a few months before there’s going as much of an embrace as I’ve seen it.

Bill is right that it’s been a few years since the last major push by advertisers to embrace Microsoft ad systems for the NBC News initiative.

And, in fact, a lot of the pushback that I’ve heard from the news publishers has been the same sort of negative comments that I heard from my advertisers.

Bill believes that the time is right for the industry to embrace ad-centric ad systems that leverage the power of the Microsoft platform.

And he believes that that pushback will be over by the time the first full-scale commercial ad system is ready for primetime.

Bill says that the commercial ad industry is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation.

I agree.

But the shift is not just about advertising.

Bill wants to see the entire media ecosystem embraced.

Bill’s vision for the future of the news media is a system where the people who control the news and the content control the delivery of it.

That means that every news organization, news site, and publisher will have the same power to manage its own content, whether they’re owned by a media company or by a private corporation.

Bill thinks that Microsoft’s ad system could be the platform for that to happen.

Bill says that his vision for Microsoft’s advertising platform is a future where news content and content creators are given more control over the delivery, the distribution, and the advertising that goes out to audiences.

Bill’s vision is to take the existing Microsoft ad platform and bring it to life in a way that is both more powerful, and more efficient and more responsive than the current system.

Bill hopes that this ad system, with its unique blend of technology and human skills, will help advertisers and the publishers that they support, make more money in the future.

Bill talks about Microsoft’s new ad platform in more detail, as the Microsoft CEO talks about the ad system in the Microsoft suite of products, including Windows 10, the Xbox One, and Surface Studio.

Microsoft has recently released the Microsoft News Platform, which

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