How to deal with trolls on the internet

A Reddit user claims that a Reddit employee posted an advertisement for an air freshener on his subreddit without permission and that the advertisement has been removed.

According to the Reddit user, who has identified himself only as ‘The_Real_J_K,’ the ad featured a man dressed as a pirate with a sword holding a sign that read “It’s about time for air freshens.”

The Reddit user posted the ad, which was titled “It Takes Two to tango,” on August 6, 2017.

“He got in the middle of the conversation and posted it without my permission,” The_Real-J_k wrote.

“He then proceeded to insult me and other redditors and claimed I was a troll, even though I was never accused of any such thing.”

“I had to contact [Reddit co-founder] Steve Huffman to get the ad removed,” The _Real_ J_K added.

“I am currently trying to find out what happened.”

Reddit’s official Reddit account, which has been the primary platform for the site since August, also removed the ad and said it was “not the intent of this ad.”

“This ad is not representative of Reddit,” Reddit told Business Insider in an email.

“The original post was not posted to Reddit, nor does it represent Reddit.

The post was posted to /r/adviceanimals.

As with other advertising on Reddit, this ad was removed due to inappropriate content.”

Reddit was founded in 2009 as an online bulletin board where users would post pictures of animals or other animals.

It is now the largest social media platform in the world, with more than 25 million registered users.

Redditors have long engaged in the debate over animal rights and whether the company should remove animal images and content from its site.

In June, Reddit’s chief executive officer, Alexis Ohanian, announced the company would be removing content deemed “unethical,” which includes images of animals.

The subreddit The_Reddit, which is popular with Redditors, has been flooded with posts accusing Redditors of animal abuse, and the company has said it will ban all such posts.

The_Reddit also contains an ad for the air freshening company, which appears to feature a man wearing a pirate costume, saying “You know, I thought you would like the air conditioning.”

A Reddit user has also posted a video of the ad on YouTube, which he claims is a direct link to the advertiser.

“The ad is clearly the result of a troll or bot trying to advertise a product without permission,” he said.

“Please take a look at the ad for yourself and decide for yourself whether it is the type of product you want to buy.”

The_real_j_k has since taken down the ad from The_reddit and is planning to contact the Reddit employee in question.

“We are currently investigating the matter and will make any necessary actions as necessary,” Reddit said in a statement.

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