How to make sure you can get the best deals on advertising in eastern Australia

The biggest advertising agency in Australia is facing the wrath of angry people on social media after it said it would not advertise on social networks because of the new government’s new anti-discrimination laws.

The Federal Government has announced it is banning the sale of advertising space on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The decision by the Australian Council of Advertising Executives (ACED) comes just weeks after the Federal Government passed its new laws to protect vulnerable groups from discrimination in the workplace.

The laws also allow the ABC to advertise on ABC television, radio and digital media and the ABC has made no secret of its intent to promote diversity and inclusion.

The ABC has already announced it will be airing a commercial highlighting the impact of the laws on vulnerable groups.

The new rules are a result of a review conducted by the ABC’s chief human resources officer, Peter Gillingham, in May last year.

Gillingham found the ABC had not been sufficiently promoting diversity in its workplace, and that its commercial had been “misleading”.

The ABC had been focusing on a single issue, the ABC says, when the review came to light, and this led to the review being delayed.

Gillham also found that the ABC could not promote diversity with the same level of intensity as the media, and could not “fully engage with the public”.

The Federal Coalition is introducing its own laws to help tackle discrimination in Australia, including the new anti discrimination laws.

However, the new legislation will also be subject to scrutiny by the Federal Court of Australia.

A spokesperson for the ABC told the ABC was “working with the ABC and the Australian Human Rights Commission to address the concerns raised by the ACED”.

“The ABC is continuing to work with the government to develop the legislation to ensure the ABC remains a strong voice in promoting diversity, inclusion and inclusion for all Australians,” the spokesperson said.

“We remain committed to promoting the ABC for all our viewers and that includes promoting diversity and diversity-inclusive advertising in a way that is relevant and inclusive.”


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